In both school board and city council races, Austin has runoff elections between December 3 and December 15. These races will have a big impact on local policy, including our ability to address racial disparities in public education, improve public safety, protect our environment, and so much more.

I’m supporting four candidates: Lynn Boswell and Noelita Lugo for school board and Alison Alter and Jimmy Flannigan for city council. Here’s why.

School Board

As a former public school teacher and parent of two Austin ISD students, I’m very concerned with the direction of our public schools. …

You may know the story that brought us here. Mr. Floyd went to a grocery store and paid with a $20 bill — but the currency was no good. The shop clerk called the police. And like so many times before, the officers who responded took a Black man’s life.

For $20.

This may go without saying, but I will say it: if I had paid with that bill, I would be alive today. My body would not have been on a Minneapolis street. No officer would have pushed their knee into my neck.

If a white man from a…

The Texas Supreme Court makes it clear: any Texas voter can request a mail-in ballot to avoid risk of injury

The right to vote is the most fundamental right in a democracy. Texas Republicans want to suppress our vote by forcing us into a terrible choice: protecting our health or participating in our elections. They are waging a war against vote-by-mail. We can’t let them win.

If you’ve been following the news, you may know that five different courts — in three different lawsuits and six different decisions! — have chimed in to answer the question: Who can vote by…

It’s on all of us to protect this essential public institution

You’ve heard the United States Postal Service is in trouble.

After decades of funding cuts and restrictions motivated by the FedEx/UPS lobby; after a 2006 “reform” that requires the agency to pre-fund 75 years of retirement obligations (and thereby perpetually appear to be failing on paper); and in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic that has decimated small business and drastically reduced revenue while increasing costs, we are now at a critical juncture. It’s now, or never, to #SaveUSPS.

The reasons to save the Postal Service are diverse and profound. As an institution, USPS is the rare American agency that…

Tax cuts won’t do it

The potential scope of the coronavirus pandemic is staggering. We may see over a million cases in the United States within a month, with tremendous negative impacts on hospitals and the availability of life-saving medical devices and essential supplies, not to mention the economy.

More and more, the impact of the coronavirus seems likely to mirror the world wars of the early 20th century.

Much has been written elsewhere about the deficient response of our federal government: slow to take action, widely insufficient testing, no solutions for supply-chain shortages of respirators and ventilators. To be sure, local governments seem to…

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A growing majority of Americans support impeachment. The facts showing the President’s abuse of authority are so clear and indisputable that even Trump’s allies can’t contest them. Instead, Republicans are complaining about “process” while ignoring substance.

But the substance is clear.

A White House transcript, a whistleblower complaint, and multiple witnesses show that Trump pressured Ukraine to intervene in our 2020 Presidential Election, withholding foreign aid to incite an attack on Joe Biden.

By doing this, Trump abused the power of his office and committed an impeachable offense.

A small group of Republicans have criticized the President. But too many…

Mike Siegel for Congress

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